Toco Tholin Drops 3 ml & 6 ml

Toco-Tholin drops, "The good old home remedy", is based on 7 pure essential oils enriched with menthol. Essential oils are relaxing and positive for body and mind. Prices incl. VAT
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Toco-Tholin drops, "The good old home remedy", the unique family recipe based on 7 pure essential oils extracted from medicinal plants, enriched with menthol. Essential oils are relaxing and good for body and mind.

The Toco Tholin drops are also soothing to the respiratory tract. It starts with the smell from the breath. Once applied to the skin, they penetrate deep into the muscles through their beneficial influence.
In addition, the drops are employed by onychomycosis.
✓ Peppermint Oil
✓ Eucalyptus Oil
✓ Star Anise Oil
✓ Petitgrain Oil
✓ Lavender Oil
✓ Rosemary Oil
✓ Clove Oil
✓ Menthol

✓ Toco-Tholin to breathe more freely.
A few drops on your handkerchief or a steam bath. Also chest or back rub a few drops or thin smear of Toco-Tholin Balm is recommended.
✓ Toco-Tholin relaxes and refreshes.
A few drops on your forehead, your sleep (not with the eyes) and neck and you're fit again. Good to use for fatigue, driving, meetings, shopping, sports, etc.
✓ Toco-Tholin freshens the air.
A drop in the evaporator / fan in your room or car, refreshes the air!
✓ Toco-Tholin brings the throat to rest.
Tickle in the throat a few drops on sugar or honey as long as possible in the mouth. The neck rub Toco-Tholin brings the throat to rest.
✓ Toco-Tholin helps in the care of the skin after insect bites, jellyfish stings, nettles, etc. A few drops on the skin. Insects do not like the smell. Mosquitoes and other insects stay away when a few drops of Toco-Tholin on your hair, clothes, or kissing sprinkles.
✓ Toco-Tholin in the sauna.
Horticultural few drops in the ladle, add water and fire. Delightfully fresh and more air. Fine as aromatherapy.
✓ Toco-Tholin activates and refreshes.
Bath and footbath. 5 to 10 drops in water to keep your muscles and joints supple. You are again active for hours. Do not have a bath? Sprinkle a few drops to your shower wall, this is refreshing.
✓ Toco-Tholin for fresh breath.
Rinse mouth with a drop of Toco-Tholin in water or simply directly on the tongue. Helps prevent the smell of garlic, smoking, alcohol, etc. Put a drop of Toco-Tholin in the water of your mouth shower!
✓ Toco-Tholin gives more air for athletes.
A few drops in the mouth, T-shirt, wristband or Toco-Tholin balm on the chest, neck, etc., to make you spend hours running. Recommended for sports such as cycling, football, hockey, tennis, golf, skiing, fitness.
All Toco-Tholin products are not tested on animals!

✓ 3 ml.
✓ 6 ml.
✓ piece
✓ Per 12 pieces in box

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