Chemodis Chemodol Massage Oil 500 ml for all skin types.

Professional Chemodis Chemodol massage oil 500 ml and 5 liters for all skin types for sale at Discount for purchasing multiple bottles discount. Prices incl. VAT.
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Most used massage oil in the (physical therapy) practice!

Chemodol Massage oil
✓ Massage oil from the well-known brand Chemodis
✓ Bottle Packaging 500 ml (also available in 5 liter can)
✓ Neutral oil
✓ Water washable, easy to remove
✓ No irritation of both client and therapist
✓ Excellent care for the association
✓ Excellent for (sports) massage
✓ and also excellent for home use!

Available in bottle packaging of 500 ml and 5 liters jerry cans

Prices include VAT

Discount for purchasing multiple bottles of massage oil Chemodol
✓ 10-20 pieces = 8% discount
✓ 20+ pieces = 12% discount

Advantageous variant
Economical, large jerrycan Chemodol massage oil Chemodis. This container has a capacity of 5 liters
Discount for purchasing multiple cans Chemodol massage oil
✓ 2+ cans = 11% discount

Chemodol massage can be ordered from and is designed for professional use, but now also available for home use!
Chemodol of Chemodis is a mild neutral massage oil with good features, creating an optimal contact with any type of skin.
Because of its special composition Chemodol suitable for every skin type and makes the skin supple quickly. As a result, these professional massage oil suitable for all types of massage. Chemodol massage oil Chemodis has to remove a neutral odor and is easily with water.

The scope is extremely broad. Treatment of injuries, reducing inflammations or accumulations of fluid (edema, but also hematoma), treatment of symptoms caused by overuse. Neuro-reflexive manipulation, eg with headache, is possible, as well as massage preventively.

Indications for massage
✓ Stimulate muscles / muscle sports preparation
✓ Increase Muscle tension
✓ inhibit / reduce muscle tension Hypertonic muscle relaxation and overload
✓ Muscles protect against overload
✓ Protect Joints
✓ Mute Pain
✓ reduce Inflammation
✓ reduce Lymphedema
✓ reduce hematoma
✓ Positive impact of the range of motion
✓ Improving proprio Enso prong
✓ Correcting the fascia / layers of fascia themselves
✓ Positive influence of connective tissue structures

Chemodol Chemodis massage oil is excellent for both stimulant and sedative massages.
Stimulants (sports) massages in preparation for the sporting activity and the prevention of injuries and sedative (sports) massage and cool down after a sporting activity for relaxation and to prevent injuries and strain complaints.

Chemodol; description Chemodis
Neutral massage oil for all skin types and all kinds of massages.
Economical and easily washable with water.

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